Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm single in a CUPCAKE WORLD!

Well Hello December!

Along comes the holidays were everyone is sitting cozy by the fireplace sipping warm remedies.
Having deep longing conversations about life and a million "I'm so happy I found YOU!"


Its just a seasonal love.
Heavy petting rules apply right?
Yeah we can all play Winter games.
Eh. We all know summer is where the real fun begins! :)

I was out shopping and I feel the "universe" put this wonderful book in my path.

"The Art of Dating"

Who knew? There is an "ACTUAL ART" to dating.
Is this book copy written in 2010?

The Plot Thickens.

"How To Get Along with Boys"

Because it can get intense!!
Boys bore me. *Yawn*

I like adventure. I have a short attention span. Yikes.
I don't put out.
I pop my coochie, but not for you.
Its for my own inner happyness. :)

I also don't like the "fetish" guys.
You know the "I only prefer such a full figured woman like you" *perverted smile here*
Ugh. Bite Me.Creep.
My fatness is not for your delight.
Don't you justify me!!!
Like me because I am AWESOME!

I also like amazing brains.
I like to take my fingers and dig deep.
Play with your mind.
I might even sing to you.


I figure if getting along with "boys" doesn't necessarily work I can also LEARN..


"How To Get Along With Girls"
I like getting along well with Girls. Rawr.
and for some reasons couples always want me.
I get lots of threesome offers.
I have turned them all down.
I am the PARTY Pooper.
Thank you Kindly.

I am Single in a CUPCAKE WORLD!
Catch me if you can. :)

But don't expect anything spectacular until the summer.
This fun size chick will not be keeping YOU warm!
Until then I'll continue to make out with Mics.
They are a bit nicer. :)

Forever "Unbought and Unbossed!"


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