Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Parade Ambassador

Hello World. Excited to share my body in fancy underwear. I was tapped to model for Parade and I am very excited.

What I liked about Parade is that they are a Sustainable creative underwear that is pretty affordable. The underwear is super unique and stylish. My first tool kit came for their Summer Daisy collection which is entirely carbon neutral and I gasped because there was a thong. lol

Now yall know I am a grandma drawls type of gal but my friend Dottie Lux coached me and wallah. My ass is in a thong. I will say this thong was very comfortable and I could wear it all day.

I got my favorite photographer @_Ren_rut together with me to help with making these photos come to life. I cherish Krista because we work so well together. And our collaborations always inspire others and push boundaries. Krista is all the way bad ass and has always been supportive of me and my gifts. Its a dynamic Duo vibe and I am here for it.

I am proud to share me modeling in the Dandellion underwear set.

To shop Parade with code go to yourparade.com and enter in THEWEIRDESTMAYA for 20% discount on all undies.

Also please book your sessions with Renrut Studios at Renrutstudio.squarespace.com

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