Thursday, September 16, 2021

New video "I don't have to be Nice"!

So I am hella Happy to debut this new video "I don't Have to be nice"!

I wrote this song in 2015 and I want to tell you I am excited to finally start to get ready to share my album "Cats from Venus" so very soon. Just wrapping up the final song and then Wallah it goes through the rigamorow of being put out and I hope you anticipate because it is really good and has songs that I have been performing live for years and now you can hear it in yo car and yo house.

So here goes....I don't have to be nice....This video was directed by SANTIAGO. A really good sincere guy with great character. I was so happy to work with him. I had literally met him on the weekend and by wednesday we were shooting this video and he was on time and ready to work. We created a masterpiece. Also he is a sagitarrius like me so you know he is great. But please connect with him on Instagram. @Santyi_._._ and @Santyisgallery. Hire him because he is great. You will see cuz I am about to post our video.

SO ideally writing this song was just an ode to me and you not having to be nice. You can hold space for how you really feel and if being darksided and mean works for you well then tap in to that. I consider myself mean when I have to be. Kind and loving if I feel moved. But Maya is not nice!

Everyone always told me I was and bitch I am not. So now you know.

This song is produced By Amra Island.

Here goes....


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