Monday, February 27, 2017

Sister Spit Tour Kicks off March 1st!

Wow two post in one day. Just glad to be back in the mindset of being back here at my portal. Happy to announce here that I will be joining the Sister Spit tour 20th anniversary in a few days and I am excited.

Thank you Radar Productions for taking me on this new journey to celebrate 20 years of Sister Spit.

Here is a little history about Sister Spit ...

"Sister Spit was founded by award-winning author Michelle Tea in the 1990s. The tour was relaunched in 2007 with a revolving roster of established and emerging LGBTQ and allied authors, poets, and mixed media artists. The tour is produced by the Bay Area non-profit organization, Radar Productions.
Sister Spit has made a name for itself by spotlighting provocative, irreverent, and political artists whose work defies and subverts conventional notions of sex, gender, sexuality, race, size, class and feminism. Their work also views these issues with a critical, inter-sectional and humorous lens."

So here goes a happy 20th year anniversary to radical queer art! Glad to be touring 15 days with a powerful crew of talented individuals!

Here's a day by day schedule and Facebook event info.

Mar 1 - Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA
Mar 2 - Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA
Mar 3 - Timberland Library in Olympia, WA
Mar 4 - Northwest Film Forum in Seattle, WA
Mar 5- Portland State University Portland, OR
Mar 7 - The STUD in San Francisco, CA
Mar 9 - in Fresno, CA
Mar 10 - West Hollywood Library in Los Angeles, CA
Mar 11 - Art Xchange in Long Beach, CA
Mar 12 - Plus Bus in Los Angeles, CA
Mar 13 - UC Riverside in Riverside, CA
Mar 14 - Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA
Mar 15 - Scorpion Room in Palm Springs, CA

Well Here goes! Excitedddd!!!!
Thank you.

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