Saturday, June 4, 2016

June Shows....Anything Goes....BIRDIE is going on Tour!

Hi Yes, here we are. The 4th day of June and you guessed it. Magic already is felt.

Kicking off a full performance month here and I can not wait.

I am going on my first tour and I am happy to go with some pretty amazing tour mates. We first tested out the formula on may 16th at KFJC and we flow great together and so it would be nice for everyone to cheer us on and wish us well at our Ratskin Records Tour kick off on June 6th at Crate in Oakland. I am touring awesome places with awesome people.

Check out my Tour Mates.

Malocclusion (Soundcloud)

Slanted Square (Soundcloud)

Bonus Beast (SoundCloud)

Here is our Official Tour Information...

JUNE 9 - DAVIS @ Pierce Co Op. UC DAVIS 8pm $5 w/ R.Y.A.N.
JUNE 10 -EUGENE - Eugene Noise Fest. @ The Boreal. $8 .
JUNE 11 - PORTLAND. W/ PORTLAND Bike Ensamble 7pm $5
JUNE 12 - SEATTLE @ Eclectic Theatre 8pm $6
JUNE 13 - OLYMPIA @ The Alamingo. 1705 Prospect Avenue NE 8pm $5
JUNE 14 -PORTLAND @ ALICE COLTRANE MEMORIAL COLISEUM w/ Redneck 7pm-10pm $5-10 Donation
we will have solo releases from all four artists available from RATSKIN RECORDS, as well as a special tour only 4way split cd/tape

Please come out Monday the 6th and cheer us on before we leave on tour!


Thank you Ratskin Records for including me in this fun adventure and chance to meet new people and places and experience the next level....#TourLife..

Then (and I am super excited about this) On the 7th, I return to Apoeria Radio Show to play and perform live some grooves with the greatest host ever...DIEGO!


On June 8th, RADAR Productions is holding a super Be-Witching event in SF at The Luggage Gallery! It will be a fabulous full energy event "The Witching Hour" is an intimate benefit for Radar Productions.

Those are the details for the event. Which you can RSVP HERE For.

And Then from June 9th-June 16th,I am on tour! I will have the full detailed flyer on Monday! YAY!

My last show of the month is at the Oakland Industrial Noise fest. I will take the stage on the last day which is the 17th at LCM in The bottoms.

Check it out.


You know. I feel Way Blessed to be Entertaining the planet. CONSISTENTLY. Thank you for providing me a stage to twirl on for the last seven years of my life.

This is what I do Full time. There is no other option for me on this path. TO book me email

Thank you. LET's Continue to DAnce Dance Dannnnnce..

Peace and RAinbowws.

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