Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Magic Maker Spotlight on Trippy Sanders...Check out "Zen Emo"

You know me. Always got to let you know what is the best for your ears in these streets, and it is not like I am being Biased or anything because you see it is one of my favorite producers to work with I am about tell you about's new project. But OMG world. "ZEN EMO" is where it is at.

Lets see. Great music is so needed to play the role of the soundtrack to your life and this is a great album to accompany you along the life path. "Zen Emo" has much meaning to your soul. Play this album when in search of chill flotation purpose.

Two ways you can hear this album. You can stream first on Soundcloud.

You know put it on when you are about to get some work done on your computer machine and need some good inspiration. Play this album loud when you are about to pull up to the easel and need some colorful inspiration.

Also available for purchase on Itunes. You know tickle the pockets of TRippy so he can eat off of his art.

Also Check out Trippy's unique art collection. Just recently taking it to the next level after much popular demand you can purchase his cool art online.

Head over to



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