Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Upcoming Shows. (Dancing into Spectacular September)

So we Hit September cute with a cool album listening party at First Friday for "Zen Emo" and "Writing My Life"...Both Projects produced by

TRIPPY :-) Who the world also knows as Stephen Rigmaiden. (had to put the government name out there so you know!) lol

That's the latest track produced by Trippy/Stephen...Well I am really excited that you will hear Some of Two great albums on September 4th at The Good Mother Gallery

Going to be performing a few songs from the Album and Trippy will be Spinning some from both albums. There will also be some interactive experiences for you as well. After all it is The Artistic World of First Friday!

Allow me to reintroduce you the world of "Writing My Life" with the debut Single..."Dumbphones"

I'm going to say two things. This Album is for my chill thirties like Maya and Trippy fam. you born up in the 80s. Tired of Trap ready for something straight up TRIPPY...Something for us in our damn 30s and up but never any discrimination cuz music and love is universal. Just wanted to give something to my age realm. lord knows the 90s babies have their moment but can the 80s babies get down on the get down. WE lived through some good era of music so I dedicate this album to you. I dedicate this album to Oakland. I was inspired about my life cycle and experiences in Oakland. Thanks Oakland for inspiring me to write my life in this moment of occupying. Just a black girl from the FRISCO. Loving on Oakland.

So Lets Keep the Party going. Having a Pop Up Shop. Where I showcase my Musical Art collection. It's something when you can combine your music and turn it into an Art show. I have physical original handmade one of a kind Musical ART being shown on 9/11 at Concept 47 in Temescal.

Looking like an evil genius allergic to those cute and sassy pumps.

This event is so Lady like. And of course we will be listening to that "Writing My Life"

Excited to debut My musical art, along with my jewelry collection and other fun original art. Nothing over 20$ but everything all Quiche and Sparkly.

And What is a Birdie Pop Up without the WINE?

Come Shop at Concept 47 in TEMESCAL. Everyday and especially on 09/11.

I also have an announcement to make so there will be a toast!

Then on September 13th(DAY PARTY)...We celebrate the release of my great friends GAYMOUS new video for FEMME ON FEMME

It is going to be a DISCO WITCH COVEN of delightful adventure.

SO READY. I get to give you some new dance moves in celebration!


And check out the Award winning Debut from GAYMOUS "(Lets Pretend We Don't Have) Feelings"

Hit it Alex! Hit it Noelle! AKA GAYMOUS

(Let's Pretend We Don't Have) Feelings from GAYmous on Vimeo.

Peace and PARTY.

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