Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Peripheral Atonement of an Upside Down Heart.

Check it.

I was born with a upside down heart birthmark and for years could never imagine how it got there.

I would have such a hard time transferring peacefully into meditation. I would feel at times like my conscious mind was disappointed with the freedom of my subconscious minds ability to not have to be at the front portion of my brain.

I tell you it was worse then Celibacy!

I would sit on mats with this fire burning inside.

I would cry while meditating for the right emotional release of so much fire inside..

So In search of a brighter horizon.

After many partitions with the universe, outrightly.
I discovered my Fireball.
And this had to be a similar excitement of how I felt when I explored my womanhood for the first time.
The connection was super familiar.
From that moment I was able to form my fireball in the shape of an upside down heart.

That idea bought clarity to a 30 year old dilemma.

The ultimate outlet being me able to beam all this fire from my third eye to be the flame within my fireball.

The positivity is fire!!

Thank you. Xo.

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