Monday, July 23, 2012

NEW Vi-D-0 Visual!!! "Submit( I love You so)"


From the magical mind of MAYA SONGBIRD, #teambirdie presents to you "Submit (I love you So)"

The story behind this visual happens to be a lust affair between Maya Songbird and her reflection "Utopia High" who she happened to have met once upon a time in a dream..

Songbird aka COSMIC BIRD, knew she must do everything in her Power to make Utopia realize just how much she "lusted" for her..

with the help of her magical teddy bear BoBO and her shiny DiscoCape Songbird seduces Utopia.. By putting together a personal private peep show.
And you are invited to watch the SHOWDOWN..
Check this visual out, and watch Songbird on her journey into Utopia's heart and mind.
*Warning* This Visual will "Disturb, Excite, and Arouse" You.
Enjoy And please Share the "sin" with a friend.

Video is on VIMEO this time around... YOUTUBE Banned the video. So you know its Explicit..

And for small minds, This is just a creative cosmic bird Creation.. please Enjoy the Creativity and the voyage through my mind.

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