Friday, June 22, 2012

Guest Host On "Peaches and CreamSF"/

Why hello Kids,

I got a chance to sit in as a guest host on Awesome Show "Peaches And Cream SF"!

I really had fun with these naughty ladies. I especially enjoyed the drink of the day "Gilligan's Island" and whats fun is midway into the show you can tell your MomBird was kinda buzzed...Or shall I say pretty LIT.

What did we talk about? WEll We talked a lot of Great Girl talk with an input of one male brain.. I discussed my new Mini EP "SlutsNSunshine" and about losing my virginity..


Click the Link and tune in..
Shoutout to the Ladies for having me. I hope they have me again soon because I had a total blast and that drink was Fabulous. #woop.

Check them out at:

Follow the Ladies on twitter @PeachesNcreamSF

Xo, Maya SB

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