Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"8090" EP

We are officially dropping an EP!
Henry Moser and I!

NOVEMBER KIDDIES! Just in time for my birthday.

"8090" EP will be available ONLINE.


Henry Moser and I are just two Intergalactic Space Rockstars who come together and create musical destruction.
Henry Moser is born in the 90s and I am a child of the 80s but we grew up together musically, and yes we are cool like that!

Henry Moser on the Beat, Maya Songbird on the track..

Our "8090" EP is a expiremental electric EP with crazy rhymes and witty words.

Check out the first single off of our EP "Laugh out Loud"! Video directed and edited by Masaya(Jesus) Tamagei :)

You can download "Laugh out Loud" for free.99 for a limited time here!



Maya Songbird

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