Friday, August 19, 2011

Disconnect. Dot. Dot.

"My smart phone is not smarter than me." -Maya Songbird

After staring at my blackberry and seeing how it was RUINING my life, I came to an abrupt decision TO DISCONNECT THAT SHIT!

Continue to call your little birdie Crazy, but I feel we have lost touch with what matters the most because we are to connected to instant gratification!

Everyone has become plastic, superficial, and BRAINDEAD and I blame the little electronic device. Your CELL PHONE.

Things have changed. Communication has changed.
I personally just want that old thing back.
I want personal interaction! I want your full attention, I want to feel love again. NOT CELL PHONE LOVE! Real LOVE!
I want to give you all of me! The full Maya Songbird experience.

So far so good for me!
I have taken back my life! 4 days and counting! :)

I just want my word to be even more BOND!
I don't have a cell phone to text or tweet excuses, and you deserve that from me.
Cell phones are the easy way out.
We all deserve clear communication!
Lets channel our human communication skills that are within!
Lets stop hiding behind our cell phones!


I am always reachable by email.

But if you know me personally, you know I am not hard to find.

I also have a blackberry bold for sale. Make me an offer I can't resist.
Money isn't real.


Maya Songbird

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