Wednesday, August 31, 2022

My album "Cats From Venus" Out now.

Friday August 26th was so far the best day of my year. My album "Cats From Venus" finally got released and it feels real good to have this project out. I would like to thank Psychic Eye Records for giving me the oppurtunity to release this album on their label. They have supported me in ways I couldn't have imagined and also helped with the support of my own label Wired Weird Entertainment.

I want to thank Amra Island for producing such a great album. We met on Tumblr in 2014 and the rest is history. Recording this album started in 2014 and ended in 2022 so you know putting an album takes time. I have performed a few of these songs for year so to actually have them out on an album feels good because you know the lyrics!

Thank you Creepy Joni for re-recording and mixing some tracks for me!

Thank you Mikey for Mastering.

And a big thanks for a kick ass album cover from Lucy Bayne (@crimedaughter)

I am excited to share this album with the world because we had a lot of fun making it. "I Believe in Magic" was literally a freestyle started in Amelia's living room while having a good dinner. "you wanna get down get down get down on a funky feast" lol

This album I got a chance to really speak my truth and heal especially on human life/Live Again. I honestly can say when Live Again was recorded I was going through something tough. Promise me you will listen to every word I wrote on this song ok? Its really dope how Amelia the producer had driven up to oakland from la and we recorded I think "Live Again" and "You should be dancing" in my living room space.

I never knew at this time in my life "Seduction on the low" would be my favorite song like it is right now but I feel so sexy reliving it every time I hear it and I am really trying to remember who had me feeling like that. I am trying to be that inspired again. Lol.

One day Amelia the track disco bill named "Disco Bill" on the file. and that is how the song disco bill was made. I wrote that song right when she sent it to me and recorded it in garage band. Sweet Memories for this album and I am glad to share it with the world. I really had fun at the album release party and thank you Michael for being a big supporter and just a great person all together for booking me always at the Whitehorse and the Octopus Literary Saloon.

Every one who made it and got cds/tapes signed thank you for that!

My bandmates Telepathic Children were there to shower me with so much support and love. My bandmate Lix came all the way from NYC when they heard I was dropping this album and also played an opening dj set.

Really enjoyed signing my tapes and cds so if you see me I got you.

So yeah my album is out now and streaming on every platform thanks to distrokid.

I am really out here so stream me! Also I will be back here for Bandcamp Friday with all the goods So buy my digital album and merch!!!

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