Monday, July 2, 2018


Now you know SF Pride this year was the ultimate because it took us all a week to recover! Everybody I know all last week was recovering from Pride weekend Bliss!

I am literally gonna Just post Pictures without Descriptions to show you how much fun we had.Gonna keep it short and sweet. Like me! ;)

I will say the moon sequence for this year is the same as 1999 so it felt like it might have been some similarities to the good time that was had that year. Me personally I remember everyone was afraid of Y2k. So it was a special year where everyone had bought all the batteries and the water. My favorite memory of 99 pride was turning off all the lights and dropping condom filled water balloons out of our window. We were party teens with no rules. Just a memory. Well yeah Pride 2018 felt Just like I was a party teen all over again.

Lets hear it for Pride 2018 ya'll it was great! May all the future prides strive to top 2018 Pride with a strap on.

The last two weeks of June were intense in the media with the murders of XXXTentacion, Junior from the Bronx, Immigrant Children being separated from their families. Just very unreal. The violence and hate in this world is ongoing but Pride is evidence that love is still alive. It definitely was the highlight of a dark June. Glad to have shared so much love with loved ones. Performing on the Faerie Freedom stage was alive. Everyone danced and made me feel like a star. I thank you for that. Until next year. I wish everyone a peaceful July filled with Rainbows and Sunshine....Have a great Week. I have some special updates for July!

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