Thursday, May 4, 2017

May Shows, events and May tour?

Last post I told you about my road addiction and saying true to my Sagittarius nature I have aimed my arrow on some new fun adventures I can not wait to share with you!

Ok So May show kicks off with a performance at the San Jose Quilt Museum in honor of my good friend Laurie Shapiro who is currently in a residency at the museum. Her art installation is amazing. It is called "Before you were born"

So on the evening of May 5th, I will be performing in front of Laurie's painting she made of me which is super amazing.

How cool is that?

Read about the event here.

Then on Sunday May 7th, I will be with my Afternoon Delight family in the New Parish courtyard from 3pm-8pm.

This is the flyer. Say you will be there!

You can RSVP here.

Then on May 13th and every second Saturday of the month at the Stork Club there is an Electronica event you should check out that I will be playing at and I am excited.

It will be an amazing evening of the best Dance music. Starring Pretty Handsome, Vice Reine, Contxt and me!


Now I am ultra happy to tell you about the launch of Wired Weird Ent. We originally launched last year in January 2016 and since then kind of tested the waters to see how we can swim. I would not say we sunk, but I will say I took some things.. I am ready to now lick my wounds and start over again. It will be a bit hard because my good Friend Chase who supported me and worked with me on this particular endeavor passed away in the Ghostship. I have him hear with me on this journey. His love and support still remains. So without further hesitation I would like to share with you the official event invite to celebrate the launch of Wired Weird ENT and Maya's Magic Shop at Oakland.Secret. WE are having a carnival/freakfest/festival and it is our 1st installment and we would like to make this an annual thing.

So far we have an amazing supportive lineup. There will be amazing outside performances.


Creepy Joni
The Oakland Mind
Piano Rain

Stay tuned to all of the event info here on Facebook...

Ok now the Grand Finale to this month!

Surprise everyone! I will hitting the road to share the magic!

Check my flyer for your town!

So on May 22nd I will be in Santa Cruz at Bocci Cellar...

On May 24th I will be in Salem, Oregan at The Space Concert Club..where I will be joined with my tourmate Tig Bitty.

On May 26th we will be in Olympia at Le Voyuer.

May 27th we will be in Seattle at the Lo-Fi playing with Coreena, MMMelt, Anther, Le Fomo.

MAy 28th we will be at the Wise Hall and Lounge in Vancouver Canada! Playing a Show with Kimmmortal.

We are still waiting to hear back for two Portland shows. I will update accordingly upon the word it has been booked.

Thank you for your Continued support! I can not believe I am going to meet all new friends!

Thank you!


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