Wednesday, May 25, 2016

#SevenDaysOfSongbird Celebrating my Seven Year Anniversary on 05/31!

As the years pass on by while walking the long journey that you think wow...I am not too tired yet. lol

Well I learned a few days ago after landing my ass in the ER that I need to balance out the journey with rest instead of always being on the go.

But always one to celebrate milestones! As we approach May 31,2016...I would have been seven years on the journey. And over this span of seven days (05/25-05/31) I plan to re-hash the journey..The best way possible. Most of you have been here with me so It will be fun to relive the mysterious path of ups and downs.

It is a Celebration.

Still here and loving what I do. Inspired daily and willing to take the risk into the unknown like the fool walking off the cliff.

I will be posting memories in the form of Music, Pictures, Videos! Everything! Everywhere! So tune in and let's celebrate.

Here is the Kick off. New Old Song on my soundcloud...Originally recorded on my SM-58 mic and M-Audio Pro. Produced by B.East.

A Song of Manifestations.

Seven Days of Songbird!

Thank you.

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