Thursday, April 26, 2012

"13 Weeks" Official Video Visual

I am happy to announce the First Official Visual off of the "80/90" EP!!!
This is also my third video Produced/Edited by me.. the Crazy. Creative. Bird. :)
This visual was Shot by Shae Violet and I am excited to be collaborating with her on this video visual Project... It is a new venture for the both of us, so this is super fun!! Please Clap for us, Two black girls creating in America...
Next up will be a video Visual for "Broke"... If you haven't downloaded the EP "80/90", PLEASE fall in love
By all means, Please enjoy this Video Visual for "13 Weeks" and please check your reaction/response to this post..Feedback is love. Let me know you are here. Let me know you hear.
Xo, Maya Songbird

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