Friday, November 12, 2010

A Songbird's closet. Vintage lover. Fun Size Chick. :)

This is for Mecca! :)

Disclaimer: These are my personal thoughts, yours may differ and that is ok. :) Group HUG.

So guys and dolls, I never really liked the Plus size Fashion options.
I know, it sucks.

Not a Fan of Lane Bryant, Bored with Torrid, ASHLEY STEWART ain't a friend of mine. :)
I know those are not the only plus size fashion options and the plus size fashion game is amazing right now!!!!
However I prefer VINTAGE!
That's me though.. I have never been one to follow the pack. I am the one who breaks the mold!
PLUS it is no fun going out and seeing every "plus size" chick in the spot with your outfit on...
Or better yet informing you that they have your outfit at home.
I hate for my identity to be stolen. Of course I rock it best!

I was looking for something different. Something Fun. Something more me!
I always liked the vintage style but never knew how to shop Vintage (because there is a technique), and what looked good on me...

I always loved generally the early 80's and 90's look.

The look in the 80's and 90's to me was extremely sexy and fun (just like me). Lots of bright colors and edgy outfits. And Pumps Pumps Pumps!!! And Tights! And Leather!:)
I'm such an 80's baby and remember when I was a little girl wanting to dress cool like my mom and her crew. They were FLY.

But of course with vintage you can find what looks good on you. Whatever decade!! I encourage you to find!

Here are my personal TOP 5 vintage spots!!! :)

5. Mars (Berkeley, CA)
I've gotten awesome Items from Mars.. They are kinda pricey but its worth it...
They have a great selection of pretty dope Leggings.
I've purchased dresses, a cute jean jacket, and a CUTE bright orange vintage leotard that I like to rock with my all black leggings.
I like how the store is organized by decade, and the staff is helpful. I like this high priced store a LOT.
Oh and they take credit and debit cards :).

4. Sharks (Berkeley, CA)
Right down the street from Mars is Sharks (same owner as MARS)! Sharks is fun because you get to find rare and weird finds...I got a dope ass white Fishnet tank from Sharks for $1! I also get a lot of shirts that I cut up and create off the shoulder shirts. You buy clothes by the pound so the pricing is not that bad and you can usually bargain and negotiate!
They only accept cash!

3. Lady Cukoo's (West Oakland, CA)
She is only open one saturday out of the month. But when she is open, it is like christmas!! I have gotten some amazing pieces in this store! My infamous Red dress! :) She also has some dope amazing original creations!
You can also find her at the Alameda Flea market with some goods!
She accepts cash!
Photo by Robin Kempster
2. Urban Vintage (Oakland,CA and online)
PEACE, Love, and Vintage is Urban Vintage's Motto!
Not only can you shop online, but you can also have your own personal wardrobe consultation and personal shopper! They have an amazing vintage sale in Oakland at Green Boutique that should not be missed!
Check out Urban Vintage services HERE!
"Like" on Facebook to keep updated HERE!

Oh how I love thee..Thrift Town and I. I and Thrift Town. I live here! Matter fact next time I go, I'm going to ask for my mail! :)
Every time I go, I get amazing items! I have never had a bad shopping trip at thrift town. Always instant gratification! I can spend hours on end in this store! This is why they are number 1! My favorite locations are in San Francisco and San Leandro. The location in El Sobrante is ok. I got a cute pair of shoes there and a dope pair of earrings once, but I live for the Location on 17 & Mission in the city and the location in San Leandro! Either way this is the store to be at! SEE YOU THERE!

Some Honorable Mentions :)

Pretty Penny (Oakland,CA)
Held Over (San Francisco,CA)
WasteLand (San Francisco, CA)
Clothes Contact (San Francisco)
Salvation Army (All Stores around the Bay)
The Goodwill (All Stores around the Bay)
Down at Lulu's (Oakland, CA)

Vintage clothes tend run a little bigger so there are more options. However if it doesn't fit you might need to acquit OR get a needle and thread and expand it! :)

SO What's in My closet?!!?

Lots of Leggings!! :)

Lots of Sequence!!

Can't Live without my Cardigans!!


My Inner Huxtable LOVES SWEATERS!!!


My Favorite Vest!!

Photo by Fupedro
Photo by Fupedro



I rock this jacket throughout the week with leggings or skinny jeans




Thats all for now!!! Plus size woman remember you are FUN SIZE...PLEASE dress Accordingly! Mwah!!

-Maya Songbird

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