Monday, November 15, 2010

Cherry Pie. Sweet Like.

I was not going to put this track out there, but today a voice from within *smile* told me to.
So here goes.
My interpretation of Cherry Pie originally by SADE.
For you anal mofo's this track is not mastered. It just is.
SO don't start your bitching. Because I don't care to hear it. It's an imperfect world. :) AND YOU LIVE IN IT.
I love you.

Maya Songbird-Fox Vox :)
Adrian Mccullough-Bass
Henry Moser-Guitar
Jackson Phillips-Drums

Download Here.

Is your Manager a MILF(Manager I'd like to f%$#) like mine?
Photo from studio session

Thanks to Adrian for the Photos!

And lovely Video Footage from the Recording Session!!

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