Friday, March 15, 2019

March Dancing Schedule

My apologies for not posting sooner because I have been swept up in a big family situation that honestly has been consuming my energy since November. Just want to let you know how much family matters to me so I am glad to have been there for my family. I am happy to always go above and beyond for all of my loved ones.

Me personally in perfect timing and understanding that also taking the time out for myself helps no matter the situation and the best for me is when I am dancing with you so lets dance. And hopefully soon I will be able to post on here how dancing with y'all brought me so much Joy in January and February.

Also when I am not posting from this portal I update on shows on Instagram at @theweirdestmaya and on facebook at MAYA SONGBIRD...

I do also want to say that I am in production for something new. In a lot of areas and will be sharing something about that at all Solo Shows.

Tonight I am in New York and I play SBR for the first time. Thanks to River aka Ghostpiss.

An official New York Selfie.

Here is the party tonight 3/15 and I am excited.

And then tomorrow Evening I will play Thirst a new party by My Bandmate Lix and Drea!

BRB with more show announcement because its retrograde and I have to get ready for toniiiighhht.

Ok I am back! So! I am happy to be back in Oakland to play the new legendary art party called "Ignite" at The Alena Museum on 3/23. I get to co-host this amazing event and close the night with a solo set.

Its going to be an amazing night filled with Music, Art,and Vendors. Everything and I have a free pass and Discount codes so holler at me.

Buy your Tickets here

Use my discount code of mayasongbird to get your 10$ tickets.

Very excited to be apart of Ignite(Illuminating the Bay) presented by @WeCreateSparks!

On the evening of 3/24 I am excited to play @GayGutz! So LA Fam Lets Dance. You know how we do! All fun! <3

On 3/25 I play at El Rio with Telepathic Children. We Are playing a cute Monday show with Batset and Sigsaly.

Totally Sexcited. :)

And then...that very next day we hit the road with Sweetie Darling. AGGGHHHHH. Telepathic Children is on tour with Sweetie Darling 3/26-3/31!!

3/26 Santa Cruz at Subrosa with Sweetie Darling, Chelsea Jones
3/27 Fresno at La Maison Kabab Bruise Violet Collective presents:School Night Series Vol 2 with Sweetie Darling, Daze Baby
3/28 Los Angeles at Junior High with Sweetie Darling, Cat Mahatta, Bedroom Witch, and GhostPiss
3/29 El Centro at Discordia Records with Sweetie Darling, Nemesis Nel, Nydia Flores, Julissa Castro, Valendo Madre
3/30 San Diego at SDCP with Good Time Girl, The Davidsons, ConTact, Hexed, Sweetie Darling!
3/31 in Tijauna Mexico BRB with more info on that.

Thannk you Lets Dance!

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