Monday, August 18, 2014


I understand, I breathe, I release...I RELEASE...

I am a Sagittarius you know so my ability to be everyone's best friend is pretty Impeccable.

My Rising is Pisces so I am a nurturer to all souls...

But sometimes things get to heavy and I feel I am easily taken advantage of. And I pretty much don't understand if you hate me! I haven't a clue why! My Momma Says I am GREAT!

What a world we live in!

Now. If you think for one minute I am about to let anyone Victimize or Emotionally blackmail me. Guess Again.

My Moon in Aries saves the day and she don't play. She does not play.

Understanding the makings of me keep me aboard my spaceship royally.

I am thankful for these last almost 6 past years that have been a constant upheaval and a total destruction of my peace.

I just want to be a blessing to the world and tell you all that no matter what you go through....Smile and move on.

Maybe I can help someone by reading this here post get out of a situation that is not right for them. You could be sitting in a terribly volatile situation filled with rainclouds and torment. I want YOU to know that every moment you stay in a situation that does not healthy feed and nourish your soul for growth you are missing out on what could be right up the road for your happiness!!! LITERALLY! Billions of people in the world..Someone wants to be the peaceful calm in your storm. BUT FIRST IT ALL COMES FROM YOU! LEAVE! Trust your intuition on things...Pay attention to your dreams at night. They reveal everything. It is ok to let people go and meet new people. You don't have to be miserable with anyone. FUCK THAT! Let that person have I hate you and myself party all alone. YOU DESERVE BETTER!

It is also smile all the time.. Especially because you have pretty teef to show!

I am honestly happy with the people that are in my life. Nourishing my soul. Replenishing me from those who tried to suck me dry.

I just want to encourage everyone to walk in PEACE.

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