Friday, October 5, 2012

Birdie MUSIC LOVE!!!

Oh damn ya'll!!! Do you know that Good music is alive and well?!!!

Let me tell you how I am in LOOOOOVE with these songs.

First up, Miss Talia Taylor is killlling it! SLaying it with this track "Healer"

A little something to meditate and elevate your mind 2.

Feel the groove!

Go head now Miss Talia Taylor..

I am also sooo In love with Run July's "Mexico" EP! Everytime it comes on in my Itunes, I automatically get all uber and cosmic and start to dance all over the place.

This EP makes me Happy! Thanks Man for such a dope ass EP!

Download Link here for "Mexico" EP...

I'm gonna be extra fanatic and scream right now!!! This song is my jam!

Ok loves! Enjoy!!!


Maya Songbird

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