Sunday, August 26, 2012

and they wonder why we crazy...I'd like to kick walmart in the ass!

A walmart experience is always a traumatic one.. But this time around, I was truly unamused.

And super Dissapointed!! It is 2012. YET in the back to school section they have this bullcrap?

This Back to school display is at every walmart Across the nation.

Which means that black girls nationwide are being brainwashed that their hair is not A+ or worthy if it is not straightened out to fit european standards.

How much longer before you realize that you are being manipulated by the government black people to be the butt of the joke.

The racism and disrespect is alive and well in 2012, and Obama is not the president of Black America so don't even think he cares.

Did I complain? Of course..and the first thing that was said was my hair is not A+?I'm rocking a crown with my natural much more royal can you get? Maybe we need a new grading system. For sure its time for a change!

I told this to about 3 managers at this local walmart. I informed them that this is wrong and they replied, "it's in every walmart, we can not change it"

So I thought, what would black jesus do?

He would have miracously requested a call to boycott walmart, by any means neccessary!

Or was that Malcolm X?

Oh wait boycotting definately was apart of the Civil rights Movement!

Hey remember when we boycotted? Remember when we fought for justice and a better world. The percentages have sure dropped and now a ton of black girls are being brainwashed in to believing their hair is not good enough...once again. Its an obvious attack!

Open your Eyes Motherfuckers! Let our black girls know they are perfect just the way they are.

All hair is good, if it belongs to you!! You don't have to hate your hair or fall victim to European standards! Your naps is what gives you strength! It was makes you powerful, young black girls of america! Wether its Kinky, Curly, Extra Nappy...what ever, its yours. The creator gave you a personal gift of love. Black girl hair is a blessing not a curse! You can do so much with your natural hair. Look in the mirror and create.

What is wrong here? Will the self hate continue to tear you apart? Starting real early.Massive Brainwashing attempt! Manufactured Self hate. Along with your pens, papers, pens, and Erasers you can get a perm for A+ hair.


You do not need a Perm with your school supplies little black girls!!

Cause a riot and when we can no longer be peaceful...take a baseball bat to all displays!

Its not funny! Its damaging! Love yourself!

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