Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Lust" ful Gratitude...I thank you!!

Shout out to everyone who has shared the "Lust"!

Sharing indeed is caring and goes a long way and I am truly thankful for you!

Thank you for helping me spread the Lust!

Special thanks and big cherry kisses to My friends on Facebook, My followers on twitter!! EVERYONE.. I LOVE YOU...:)

Special Love to the bloggers who took the time out to press me up!
Check out my favorite quotes from each article and click the links to read full press!! And of Course Share!!!!! Share the Good News Press! :)

"Maya Songbird is not your average R&B chick. She is spunky, artsy, alternative, large and in charge of her own brand of experimental soul."

-Lukas Brekke-Miesner (38thnotes)

"Her voice injects angelic,melodic remedies into the soul."

-Joanna Bellamy (The Journal House)

"...she’s Maya SongBird. Feeding your temptations one melody at a time"

-Adenike Amin (Adenike Shot Me)

"Creative. Sexy. Ahead of Her time… Maya Songbird."

-Melonie Green (Infin8 sync)

"Maya Songbird’s confession of lust engendered through her compelling lyricism in unison with her young, lilting, and melodic voice, lends a naked honesty to to her sensual declarations of desire."

-Delia Mendoza (DrivenByBeats

Sweet Press!

If you have yet to Catch the video, Don't Fret, Here it is!

All this "Lust" is right here waiting for you!! :)


Maya Songbird

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