Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Red Dress!

Every Woman needs to have that dress in her closet that makes her feel sexy!!
You know that dress that commands everyones attention when you step into the Building!!

Mine is Red with glitter red dots. :)
So Maya Songbird RIGHT?!

I must say I have a lot of dresses in my closet, but this dress takes the cake.
I just love how I feel when I wear it!!

And I like that I can twirl freely and my dress Twirls With me!

Ultimate feeling of happiness!

So how did I meet my lovely red dress?

Well I was visiting my friend Janay Rose down at Lady Cuckoo's in West Oakland and It was love at first sight!!

This red Vintage 80s Prom dress was calling me! Calling me yo!
But I didn't buy it. :( Why?
Because I had already did my shopping limit for the day and I was mad about it!

So like a month or two later I just happened to drop in to Lady Cuckoo's and I totally forgot about the red dress. Totally forgot!
And I think Janay asked for me to help her move something and there it was! THE RED DRESS! Talk about good Karma!!!!!

The rest is history and don't I look FINE in my RED DRESS!!!


Photos Courtesy of Robyn Kempster.

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