Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Welcome to Maya's Magic Shop....

Hello. It has been so long since I posted. I am stil here. It is just that I dealt with losing my sister and then I lost my dad. That was very hard to go through.

But Life was not done with me. I also lost my favorite black cat Uti, a good frend that was like a second mom to me since I was 18, and My Aunt who I am named after. Damn. Yes I have spent the last few years in a place of grief.

As we all had to make shifts and learn lessons during this pandemic. Something really good happened. Magically of course.

For many years I have handmade my own merch as I didn't have money for fancy merch like a lot of artist so I took matters in to my own hands literally and from that Maya's Magic Shop was hatched. Started out with a table at shows. Then evolved to a suitcase for many years. The merch turned it to its own lane and I would get vending oppurtunities at Markets outside of shows. You all fell in love with my magic candles and more and that really helped me survive as an artist.

I was able to launch the first pop up out of a home I was living in which was super underground but a location you could come through and shop and that was from 2018-2019.

It was trial for sure but successful nonetheless.

Fast Foward to 2020 and we were to move our pop up into Oakland Secret Store but Covid came through and stopped that plan. Amongst many other plans..And a lot of what the hell moments.

And then a miracoulous situation opened to where we were able to host the pop up as an installation inside Slurp art Gallery. Right next door to Gay 4 U resturant. Which means me eating really good vegan food all the time.

So I am posting this post to celebrate our one year anniversary of our installation inside Slurp Art Gallery. I have had the pleasure to be apart of such a beautiful artistic community as well as the beloved bottoms community which has been special to me in my life for the last 12 years. We house many local artist within the DIY scene in our space. Mostly all handmade divination tools within our space.

Check out these lovely photos celebrating our one year by Renee Lopez of Miss Lopez Media @misslopezmedia misslopez.media.com

So this Sunday we are having our installation celebration party.

There will be champagne and also a pop up with my good friend Avery Zues Next door making amazing Vegan soul food and also music to celebrate Gaia's 30th birthday!

Come thru.

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